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Attorney Celina T. Colombo is energetic, clever, and attentive. Her primary focus is in Family Law. This area of law includes divorce, dissolution, legal separation, prenuptial agreements, spousal support, post decree litigation, Juvenile Court matters regarding custody and child support.
Through several years of experience in negotiating dissolutions and litigating divorces, Celina has developed a keen eye for identifying the unique landscape of each case. She strikes fast to reach agreements on as many facets of a case as early as possible. This saves her clients substantial amounts of money and reduces the intensity and uncertainty that family law cases present. Once a case’s focus is narrowed to the truly contested topics, Celina is a strong and unwavering advocate. Her clients are grateful to have her on their side.
Celina understands the importance of exploring and obtaining fair court orders for property division, spousal support and child support. With equal experience in representing both the obligors or obligees of support, Celina starts every case by educating her clients about the laws, their purposes, and the considerations that will go into determining the right amount. Celina’s proficiency with this area of the law allows her to bring a calm and skillful approach in finding the right balance for all, or if necessary, to clearly present her client’s needs to the Court in order to achieve a fair and favorable judgment.
Understandably, child custody is one of the most emotional areas of law to practice. Celina brings an inspiring amount of composure and patience to difficult conversations regarding a client’s impasse with their child’s mother or father. She is truly talented at deescalating the tension that can be so harmful to the children involved, and at searching for common ground that can allow daily life to unfold peacefully for co-parents until final agreements can be reached, or a matter be tried to the court.
Once a divorce or dissolution becomes final, Celina understands that there are still several other legal issues that can impact a client’s future. One commonly recommended service is for a new estate planning package to be executed. Celina works to protect her clients and their loved ones by providing the assurance that medical decisions, financial decisions, and inheritance matters go according to her client’s most recent wishes, and that their transition into life after their case is a smooth and secure one.

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At Colombo Law, my distinguished reputation in family legal advocacy speaks for itself. With a history of successfully navigating complex family law cases, I bring decades of combined experience to every client I serve. I prioritize compassionate support and strategic expertise, ensuring my clients receive the dedicated representation they deserve during challenging times.


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